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Learn about the fierce storms that mother nature dishes out. For fans of severe weather and people wanting to learn more about nature's violent storms.

Are you a severe weather fan? When the forecast is for heavy snow or severe thunderstorms during the day, do you get excited? Well you've come to the right place.


I've made Severe Weather Fan to give info to people who want to know more about the worst storms in mother nature, and how to stay safe in them. So I add basic information for people that are not experts on the subject.

I've also made this site for anyone, especially severe weather fans, who want to share their photos and their favorite storm stories.

Since I was little I have been amazed and awed by the power that mother nature can dish out. I love a good snowstorm or blizzard and have even attempted to chase thunderstorms from time to time in hopes of seeing a tornado.

Wintertime was always filled with hopes of getting a snow day from school, and tracking the winterstorm and weather alerts as it got closer. During the warm months, I'm always on alert to see if any severe storms may happen during the day. I always keep a radar on my cell phone handy just in case. In fact, when I was little, the family would call me the weatherman!

Being from the north, I never experienced a hurricane...that is until my freshman year of college when Hurricane Isabel hit the shores of the Carolinas and Virginia. What an experience that was.

Of course I do realize like most severe weather fans that although I do love to see these great storms, it's not always fun and games for other people out there who have to deal with the destruction.

It's kind of weird having an interest in something that many people fear and don't like, but I know there are others out there just like me who would love to share some of their stories and photos about severe weather.

I hope you enjoy the site!!

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